Girls’ weekend in Gore

Recently, my three best friends and I took a (relatively) spontaneous trip to Gore. This was never a place we imagined going for a girls weekend but one of my friends was staying in a cottage there, so with free accommodation we thought why not?! It was such a lovely weekend and so good to be able to catch up. Living in different cities now, it can be hard to get us all together. Here are just a few snaps I took of the place (mostly on my phone).image (12)The cottage. Unfortunately I didn’t get many indoor pics, otherwise I could have shared one of her awesome indoor clothesline. You could lower it or raise it to the ceiling so that the clothes dried from the heat of the fire… it’s the small things 🙂image (17).jpg
The view across the road.Untitled-1Had to get a photo of the pigs …and the grain silo! Can’t believe this was all right outside the front door.image (16)image (14)On the Saturday evening we went out for dinner and I regret not taking any photos. I had lamb shanks and I have never felt so full in my life! Must be the Southland portion sizes. Even though we are all in our twenties now, we couldn’t resist reliving some of our favourite old pastimes, writing stories, playing clinkers… it was such a great weekend. Now I just need to convince the girls to come up for a weekend in Wellington!

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