Laura is wed!

15250944_1847048458898914_1988338800313166130_o.jpgI don’t have much to report at the moment but wanted to document that last weekend one of my best friends, Laura, got married! She was the most beautiful bride and even though it rained all morning, it cleared up right in time for the wedding. The sun came out for the afternoon and we all got burnt to a crisp but it was such a fun day!

I was honoured to be part of the bridal party for Laura’s wedding and I have to say, we all felt very grand at the reception. Our names were announced as we walked in and the bridal party sat on the stage at the front of the hall for the meal. The highlights of the day would have to be Laura and Brad’s sweeping kiss at the end of the ceremony and the folky/country music and dancing at the end of the night!

Congratulations Laura and Brad! xx

Photos by my very talented friend Lydia Woods photography.

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