Long distance relationships

My boyfriend and I have been living in the same city for a year and a half now but before that, we had a long distance relationship for just over two years. Long distance is not easy  and I was always searching for tips and not really finding anything particularly useful so here is what I came up with.

Video chat

Bit of an obvious one really. It’s so much better to be able to see their face as well as hear their voice. Plus, if your internet’s good, and you have Skype, you can do things like screen share a movie. Romantic! I now screen share TV shows with my sister so it works with living apart from family too 🙂

Send mail

Writing letters is a classic but even if you’re no good at letter writing, there are other options like Snail mail my email and Postcard cookies which are fun to do! It is always a nice surprise to get something in the mail, especially when you’re not expecting it.

IMG_2496.jpgPlay games

Whether it be Scrabble on your phone, or a 20 questions game over video chat, sometimes you want something to do other than just chat. From memory, Scattergories works quite well over Skype… but charades doesn’t (unless you both have really good internet).

Make plans

Come up with some fun plans for the next time you will see each other so that you have something to look forward to. Look for new places to go and new things to try in your home towns.

Ask questions

It can be hard to get to know more about someone when you’re not together in person so asking lots of questions helps! My friend wrote a huge, long list of questions for me to ask Sam. When I say huge, I mean it… I don’t even think we got through all of them. If you’re not good at coming up with interesting questions to ask, or don’t have a friend who can write some for you, there are plenty to be found online.

That is all for now but I would love to hear what other people have done to keep their long distance relationships interesting!

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