New York

Okay so this is probably going to be a long post considering we spent most of our time in America in New York… and also because NY is probably the place that has really given me the travel bug!IMG_0980IMG_0968image (16)Why can’t we have ice cream vans as cute as this in NZ?!image (17)Pineapple and jalapeño flavoured ice block from a shop on the High Line… wouldn’t recommend (more jalapeño than pineapple) but it was fun to try! I would definitely recommend going to the High Line though!IMG_1022IMG_1053IMG_1045IMG_0975Times Square during the day.IMG_0951IMG_0938IMG_0933Times Square at night.IMG_0952IMG_0955IMG_0957IMG_0962IMG_0963Central park would have to be one of my favourite places we went to in New York. There is so much to explore and it is so nice biking through there on a calm summer evening!

We managed to pack a LOT into our two and a half days… we also went down Wall Street, stopped in at Tiffany’s (even though we were wildly underdressed), saw the 9/11 memorial and watched Matilda on Broadway. I don’t have any photos sadly but Sam and I celebrated four years together while we were in New York. It would have to be my favourite date of all time. We went to The Meatball Shop for dinner, followed by biking down the water front and sitting in the park down there. We had until midnight to spend together while our friends were seeing a movie so we ended up going to the Empire State Building at about 11.30 at night and it was packed even then! … hence why we didn’t really bother trying to get a photo… we got a couple of selfies but they are pretty terrible 🙂

I think if we are ever fortunate enough to go back, I’d like to find all of the cool food places now that we have seen the key sites!

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