Our wedding part 1

Getting ready

Eeeeee! We have our wedding photos! It was SO much fun to look through them all. I spent hours on the couch looking through last night and forgot we hadn’t had dinner. This is probably going to end up being in about three parts because there’s so many photos I want to share. So, here we go..mandy-39mandy-29mandy-3mandy-5mandy-18mandy-21mandy-22mandy-40mandy-43mandy-75mandy-82So in love with my flower hair comb!!mandy-77b
This is a special pic to me as it shows the ring on my right hand which was given to me by my Nana when I was about seven or eight. It now fits me perfectly and I wore it in memory of her as she passed away when I was ten.
mandy-117mandy-123mandy-149mandy-182bmandy-208mandy-228mandy-243All I can say is, where are the love heart emojis in WordPress because I would insert about 1000 of them here if I could find them!mandy-248One of Sam’s friends gave a prayer for him, special moment.mandy-288mandy-301bPhotos by our amazing photographer Mandy Caldwell.

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