Our little home

I don’t know about you but I love looking back at old photos of our houses and my bedrooms I’ve had over the years and how they have changed over time. The lime green and hot pink stage was definitely the best (and lasted about 10 years!).

Here are some photos of the flat we are currently living in. It’s been so fun to be able to decorate the whole place the way we want to. IMG_1831IMG_1795IMG_1801IMG_1799Most important feature of our kitchen :p Sam’s family’s dog calendar. IMG_1817IMG_1822IMG_1838IMG_1860IMG_1848IMG_1897When I took this photo it was the first time in weeks that the table didn’t have our clothes airer on it! When you have a tiny house you have to get a little bit creative with your space. Honest version of the photo below: IMG_4485IMG_1868IMG_1877IMG_1890IMG_1884And a couple of our views. The first is the view we get out our lounge window and the second is the view we get walking to work. Not bad! IMG_5042IMG_4791

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