Spiritual development

This is a short one today and along similar lines to my previous post on building up our walls.

Professional development.

I hear these words a lot because I work for a company that provides professional development for teachers. We are also encouraged to find and take courses that will develop and add to our own skills and it got me thinking… how am I doing with my spiritual development? It’s easy to think about what new things I want to learn for my job, and even for myself at home (i.e. how to make awesome as dinners for my husband), but am I thinking about what I can learn so that I can be a better child of God?

When I thought about this, I realised that the services we attend on Sundays and the bible classes we have throughout the week, are more or less like professional development for our spiritual lives… and they’re free! I am now trying to go into them thinking, what new things can I learn and apply to be more like Christ?

A wise man will hear and increase learning
~Proverbs 1:5


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