A photo a day for a week

A couple of weeks ago I got talked into taking photos for a photoshoot at work. I was nervous as heck because I’m an absolute rookie and didn’t even really know how to shoot in manual. I said yes because I knew that way I would be motivated to finally learn! I had about five days’ notice before the shoot so I searched the internet like crazy for all of the tips and tricks and now finally kind of have my head around my camera’s basic manual settings…

To continue my learning, I thought I would challenge myself to take one photo a day for a week in manual rather than auto and here are the photos from my week just been…

Sunday 20 AugustIMG_2887Chillin’ doing nothing like usual 😉

Monday 21 August IMG_2948Eating dinner on the floor at our budget coffee table.

Tuesday 22 AugustIMG_2959Just before we went out for dinner to celebrate that we both have new jobs, and also that we have been together for five years 🙂

Wednesday 23 August
The reason we ate dinner at the coffee table on Monday… when you have no dryer, three loads of washing to do and it rains all the time, you have to hang your washing on any available spot.

Thursday 24 August
About to have a late night Skype with ma gurl Kate in America. Hello Kate if you read this. I thought I would spare you having to smile for a photo at 7am your time.

Friday 25 August
My sister designed this cover as part of a project at uni. So proud.

Saturday 26 August
In Christchurch celebrating my brother’s 21st!

Sunday 27 AugustIMG_3158One of my brother’s birthday presents was these dispensers! What the heck… so cool.

This was really fun so I will probably do this again at some point. Next time I want to experiment a little more as these were all taken in similar settings.


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