2017 Round-up

2017 round up collage.jpg

It’s kind of crazy to see the year condensed into little pictures like that. I feel like we have done so much this year! As well as being the year we got married which feels significant on its own, we also went overseas twice and had lots of weekend trips to various places too. I counted up before and realised we made it to Christchurch eight times! Also one of my best friends had a baby! I definitely reckon 2017 has been one of my favourite years so far and feel very thankful.

I just know that this stage of my life is one that I will remember as “the good old days”, so I have been trying to appreciate it even more while it’s actually happening. I have been thinking about this a lot recently. I feel like a lot of stages of life end up being the good old days so it’s good to try and soak up each stage while you’re in it. Anyway I am rambling now so I hope everyone has a happy new year and enjoys 2018 😀


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