Okains Bay


As I mentioned in my previous post, we went out to Okains Bay when we were in the South Island over the summer holidays. We stayed with a couple of my close friends and it was so nice to have a decent amount of time with them rather than an afternoon here and there throughout the year. That’s definitely one of the things I find hardest about living in Wellington is not being able to see my closest friends and family all the time.

Another great thing about it was there was no internet in some spots and where there was internet, it was pretty slow so there’s no temptation to be on your phone! This year I definitely want to spend less time on my phone, especially when I’m around other people. I noticed it before but am noticing it even more since we got back how often people are looking at their phones, even when sitting in a group of people at a social gathering.

Our friends Katy and Mike have kittens at the moment and they were at their cutest while we were there. They started pooing and peeing everywhere after we left so we definitely picked the right time to go.

I also finally got to meet my friend Laura’s new baby, Arabella which was super exciting  and got to see their finished house which was really cool!

It was such a nice week sitting and chatting for hours and not having anywhere to be. Have to say though that after going on all year about how Christchurch has way better weather than Wellington that I was seriously let down. Only got to go swimming once :O


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